August 23rd, 2023 | Alex

How to Secure the Right Guests for Your Event or Podcast?

It can be a challenge when you want to find the right guests to invite to your event or to appear on your podcast. 

The issue isn’t finding a guest because there’s a shortage of people to ask. The challenge is finding the right guest. One that will serve your audience and entice them to positively engage with your brand. 

Deploying the right influencer and celebrity marketing strategy could not only keep your guest list full, but full of the right, most relevant and authentic guests.

Sifting through the possible names, checking their credentials, reaching out to them and (sometimes) negotiating a fee or deliverables takes time.

Bringing a PR agency on board can take the headache away, we can do all the leg work so you can get on with the million other tasks you have on your list.

The Importance of Understanding Your Target Audience

Before sending a single invite to any guest, it’s vitally important to fully understand your audience first. 

When you understand your audience, you understand their wants, needs and expectations. Understanding this first will determine exactly what type of guests you go after.

If you don’t know your audience, you could end up getting guests that don’t interest them, or worse, guests they don’t particularly like.

We’re here to help you avoid that at all costs!

guest speaker at an event

Why Booking the Right Guest Can be a Game Changer for Your Event or Podcast

Influential figures and tastemakers always attract a flurry of attention. That’s why getting the right guest to your podcast or event can be a powerful way of getting the right eyeballs on your brand.

Imagine you invite a guest that has a substantial following and they endorse your event or podcast positively and enthusiastically.

Their audience knows and trusts them deeply so in turn, the chances of them interacting with your brand is very high.

Your business, or listenership could see rapid growth should you adopt the correct strategy that keeps relevant guests for your audience to enjoy. 

How to Get the Right Guests for Your Event or Podcast

Securing the right guests for your event or podcast can work wonders for your brand.

But how exactly do you go about finding them?

Let’s take a look at ways to find the right guest for your event or podcast and how we at GALA PR can help you execute this effectively.

Posting Content

Posting relevant content attracts the right audience to your business. This means there could also be an opportunity for attracting just the right guest.

Think about it.

These potential guests are normal people just like you, who carry out normal day to day habits and consume social media like everyone else.It’s here where your opportunity lies. By posting relevant content that resonates with an audience we are attracting potential guests we can invite.

woman creating podcast

Ensure the content you post has a strong call-to-action which prompts engagement. Analyse your engagement and see if any of these people are suitable to invite to your event or podcast. 

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is a platform which connects sources with media outlets. The benefit of HARO is that journalists who work for these media outlets always need a continuous stream of content, which is exactly what HARO does.

You can sign up to HARO and seek sources for your podcast or event. All you need to do is sign into HARO and you can use their platform to attract sources who could be your next guest.  


In an age where apps are in abundance there is also a wide variety of apps available that can help you get speakers for your event or podcast.

Having apps such as these allows you to search for warm leads because they are signed up to the app themselves. 

They want to be found!

Newly Released Books 

There are thousands of new books released every year, some of these books are from established authors but there is a huge amount that are from new authors.

When someone releases a new book they need to create a lot of hype around it to maximise sales. One way of doing this is to attend events or come and speak on podcasts.

Find out who these new authors are by going to Amazon and searching in the new releases section. Find books that relate to your industry and reach out to these new authors and ask if they want to come to your event or podcast and promote their new book.

Usually, they are more than happy to oblige to this as they want as much PR as possible to drive sales and awareness.

Social Media

Social media is designed to connect like minded people. There are now countless social media apps, some more popular than others, where people are sharing content and connecting on a daily basis.

Some social media accounts have attracted thousands and even millions of followers due to their content being so popular.

You may find it hard to get big social media accounts for your event or podcast as they will be getting guest requests on a daily basis.

Instead, look at those who engage with these accounts. 

You may be able to find smaller accounts that are influential in their space but more accessible. 

Attend Industry Events

Attending industry events allows you to interact with people in person. 

When you meet with people in person you have a far better chance of getting them to be a guest at your event or podcast.

If you send an email it can be ignored very easily, if you ring they don’t have to answer. But when you talk to someone face to face it’s a more personal touch. 

People tend to respond positively to this personalised way of communicating. 

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Find Your Perfect Guest With GALA PR

At GALA PR we specialise in getting guests for events and podcasts. Working with us directly means you have access to our connections within the live entertainment events industry.

We know them, trust them and know where their strengths lie so you remove some of the anxiety about booking someone you don’t know. 

Having a little black book or experts, influencers and speakers also means we’ll save you a shed load of time – time which could be better spent on other tasks, many of which you might enjoy more. 

Our influencer marketing service involves well thought out strategies as well as over ten years of experience that has led to countless successful campaigns.

Contact us today if you run an event or podcast and need a steady flow of guests to attend.