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Tried & Trusted Media Relations

We’ve spent years building close relationships with key media contacts across the UK and internationally, we can get your brand in front of the right people to deliver outstanding results every time.

Our PR campaigns are carefully crafted and driven by strategy and creativity, to ensure our clients are positioned front and centre, in front of the right, most relevant audience.

Proactive news-led storytelling, thought-provoking feature placement and bold reactive content is at the fore of what we do to build awareness and talkability.

Your reputation is our priority, so what are you waiting for…


How do you decide what media outlets to work with?

We judge which media outlets would be best for each of our clients to work with based on many factors including who our client is, their intended audience and demographic, the core objectives, and what type of campaign we are running.

We will have fact-finding sessions with you and draft a target media list based on this information. From there, you can offer your feedback and then we will get straight to work.

We’re experienced in running effective PR campaigns for our clients, and in doing so, we have developed a broad knowledge and insights into which media outlets work best, when, where and why… and we’ll always leverage these insights for the benefit of our clients.

Do you create and distribute press kits?

Yes, we can both create and distribute press kits as part of your media relations service.

Press kits are a really useful way to provide our media contacts with as much key information as possible about your business, podcast, campaign or event at a glance.

It’s an effective way of condensing the important stuff in a single document or space – that could be images, press releases, Q&As, biographies, key dates, ticket information, boilerplates and logos… you name it.

Press kits can be delivered in the form of a simple PDF, or they may be in the form of an online folder system where we can keep press releases, imagery, video content and more in one happy place.

How do you handle negative media coverage?

Negative media coverage is an unfortunate occurrence which any client may be faced with, for a whole variety of different reasons.

In our experience with crisis communications management, we will handle these situations on a case-by-case basis.

First and foremost, we will gather as much information as possible to get to the root of the story. This will involve communicating with our client and any respective journalists to get the right information before taking the next steps.

From there, we’ll formulate a plan of action that includes drafted responses, if appropriate, and then handle it in a considered way from there.

Do you pitch ideas to journalists?

Pitching ideas to journalists is our bread and butter!

We’re creative with all of our client’s strategies, and while day-to-day media relations and news announcements are key to any campaign, we understand that it’s also vital to stand out in a world where competition is rife and capturing the attention of the media and target audiences quickly and effectively is imperative.

For this reason, we’re always brainstorming creative ideas, keeping our fingers on the pulse, and pitching new and engaging ideas to our media contacts to drive broader awareness.

Sometimes additional services may be identified as being a useful way of adding something extra special to your event.