September 19th, 2023 | Alex

Top 10 Moments from Kendal Calling 2023

Cumbria’s largest festival is over for another year, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still reminiscing on the Summer of Love and a glorious four days in Lowther Deer Park. Let’s take a look back at our top 10 moments from Kendal Calling 2023.

1. The Summer of Love Parade

Photo Credit: George Harrison

A chorus of drumming, larger-than-life puppets, spectacular dancers and signs created onsite by festival goers, we truly felt as though Lowther Deer Park was back in the swinging sixties, it was flares galore and the perfect bit of Sunday fun in the fields! 

2. Ken-Doll Calling

Kendal jumped on the Barbie bandwagon brilliantly, as our affectionate unofficial mascot ‘Ken-Doll’ was unveiled. He explored the site across the weekend, always dressed his best and never put a hair out of place. 

3. Flappy Tent

2016 was a dark time when Flappy Bird left the App Store, but Kendal saved the day with ‘Flappy Tent’ the game designed to encourage festival goers to be more sustainable and take their tents home. We’ve seen incredible results, with over 98% of festival goers doing so back in 2022!

4. Cask Marque Status Ale

What’s a festival without a pint? And we don’t think many will compare to Kendal’s very own from the Lancaster Brewery. The only UK festival to have achieved Cask Marque status, festival goers flocked for a taste of Lake District’s ‘Kend-ale Calling’ at the Real Ale Bar. 

5. Karaoke time with Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia ta Kendal Calling

Photo Credit: Tom Martin

After an eager ‘Torn’ fan went viral on Kendal Calling’s TikTok, the team knew it was time to make a young lad’s dream come true by bringing him backstage to not only meet pop icon Natalie Imbruglia… but to bring the pair together for an unforgettable duet of her sing-along noughties hit. 

6. The Lathums take over Tim Peaks

Wigan favourites The Lathums popped up for a surprise acoustic set at the legendary Tim Peak’s diner. The set was immediately mixed, mastered and cut into 200 copies on vinyl, talk about a speedy turnaround! 

7. Rick. Astley. 

That’s it.

Nothing more to be said.

The legend himself Rick Astley on the main stage, even joining the Blossoms on the drums for their fan-favourite song, ‘Charlemagne’. 

8. The Blossoms & Andy Burnham 

Photo Credit: Tom Martin

Speaking of The Blossoms, the Stockport band were welcomed on stage by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary, a truly iconic moment and celebration of North West musicians. 

9. The return of Dick & Dom 

This is one for all nineties and noughties kids, as CBBC icons Dick & Dom played a packed-out Parklands tent with an hour of brilliant party tunes, tons of inflatables and 100% unapologetic nostalgia. Where’s Basil Brush when you need him? 

10. The Sold-Out Atmosphere

Kendal Calling wouldn’t be the festival it is without the iconic festival goers who help continuously sell out the festival year after year.

With 40,000 attendees and an unmatched community spirit, you’re always guaranteed a brilliant atmosphere and a great time in the fields.

And that’s it, our top 10 favourite moments from 2023’s Kendal Calling Festival. It was another year of great performances, the return of a few nostalgic acts and an amazing audience in attendance.

We look forward to seeing you there next year.