August 15th, 2023 | Alex

7 Benefits of Public Relations for your Brand

The reputation of your brand is hugely important, especially when it comes to being successful in the business world. 

But, as they say, perception is nine tenths reality, so your success can largely be determined by how your brand is perceived by the public.

This is where public relations (PR) comes into play.

Having a solid public relations strategy can be key to improving your brand’s image as well as having other benefits.

In this post, we will look at the benefits of public relations and why it’s crucial for businesses to have a water tight PR strategy in place.

How Does Public Relations Work?

Public Relations is about managing how others view and feel about a particular brand, company or person.

In terms or PR professionals who work for a company, their job is to help maintain a positive public image of that business  

They do this by carrying out tasks such as:

  • Press releases.
  • Contacting journalists (media relations).
  • Researching public opinion.
  • Crisis communication.
  • And others.

Is Public Relations the Same as Marketing?

While there are similarities in PR and marketing, they both do separate jobs for a business. 

PR tends to focus more on brand reputation and image, whereas marketing is about selling your products and/or services. 

What Are The Advantages of Public Relations?

1. Boosts Brand Awareness

You need to get your brand name out there. It’s important to focus on brand awareness in today’s digital age because there is so much noise online that you need to find a way to cut through it all and stand out.

A water tight PR strategy can get your brand out there and help it differentiate from the competition. You can do this by focusing on company values and getting them across to those who resonate with them.

2. Attracts Investment

Some businesses need outside investment to make them viable. This is not uncommon, but it’s also not easy. For someone to invest in your company they need to trust you and believe in your company values. 

A clever PR strategy can find a way to get your brand in front of the right investors. Investors are always looking for opportunities to invest. If you can place your company in front of the right media outlet, you could land a serious investor who has the capital you need.

3. Generates Leads

Every business needs new leads.

It’s important to remember that when you portray a positive brand image, you also have the potential to create new business relationships.

The primary aim may not be to generate new business but this happens when your business has a great reputation.

After all, people like to do business with trusted brands. 

4. Can be Cost Effective

When you compare PR to paid advertising campaigns, you’ll find that PR can be more cost effective.

With paid advertising, you’re running your own campaigns and financing them. This can lead to big advertising budgets, especially if your brand has no heritage or credibility.

With PR,  you’re essentially using the power of other platforms such as media companies to promote your brand.

Giving you access to an audience who already know and trust the company promoting your brand.

5. Enhances Credibility

Credibility is essential for a positive brand image.

Having a PR strategy in place can reinforce this credibility and enhance your brand’s reputation.  

6. Reach New Audiences

As a result of an effective PR strategy your brand will be able to reach a new audience. 

Not only will this improve your company’s visibility, but from a financial standpoint you have an opportunity to convert more customers.

A great example to look at is gen z audiences. This generation is one of the most populous out of other generations so if you can make your event appeal to them it could prove to be a prudent choice.

7. Positions Your Brand as a Leader

Becoming a leader within your industry means that your brand will be at the forefront of your audience’s mind. 

When brands are leaders, they are trusted and respected, which increases the likelihood of more positive engagement with your brand. 

Gala PR – PR Strategies for Your Live Event

So there you have it, the top 7 benefits that public relations has for your brand.

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