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Talent Booking

Connecting you, your brand, event, or podcast with the most relevant celebrities, influencers and public figures is an effective way to elevate a campaign, and our talent booking team has a black book that’s bursting at the seams.

We’ve developed a diverse and high-profile talent network, with direct links into talent management representatives, agents and publicists, that allows us bring the right energy and attendees for any occasion.


What is your process for finding talent?

Finding the right talent for our clients is dependent on who our client is and the nature of the events they are organising.

Does our client need artists to play at their live events? Does our client need industry influencers and professionals to feature on their podcast series? Or perhaps it’s a star-studded red carpet?

Our process for finding the right talent begins when we first meet our client. During fact-finding, we will develop a good idea of the types of talent that we’ll be targeting and prepare a suggested target list.

Before we begin our outreach, we run our list by our clients and seek their approval. We want to make sure that they are happy with everyone we have chosen, and we will explain our rationale as well as take their feedback on board.

Do you deal with contract negotiations?

Yes, we can work on negotiations alongside talent management teams.

Contract negotiations will be completed in time for your events so that your event can go as smoothly as possible.

Can you book celebrity clients?

Absolutely! We can book all types of talent that would be suitable for your event. This includes celebrities, influencers, industry experts – the lot!

We have a wide range of industry contacts that we have curated through trusted industry relationships , and these enable us to secure almost any talent that you could dream of.

If you have a specific celebrity or public figure in mind, then run it by us and we can work our magic! We’ll also offer alternative suggestions as backups.