September 19th, 2023 | Alex

Case Study: The Doctor Will Hear You Now

In 2022, GALA PR embarked on an incredible journey with the esteemed Dr. Zoe Williams, for “The Doctor Will Hear You Now”, in collaboration with BUPA.

What was Expected?

The campaign needed captivate regional and national audiences, breaking ground and engaging with listeners, exploring medical conditions and discussing our celebrity guests’ lived experiences.

What was GALA PR’s Approach?

Through GALA PR’s network and connections, we were able to curate and book a sensational and diverse line-up of high-profile celebrities, who delved deep into the stories of their lived experiences, describing the impact of their medical histories, and providing some invaluable tips for listeners.

Working with BUPA, we curated a programme of topics, including Menopause, Endometriosis, Neurodiversity, and more, all delivered through interviews and discussions. Through this, we successfully achieved the goal of facilitating diverse and enlightening conversations on health issues.

GALA PR’s strategy included key announcements at various stages, with tailored pitches and episodic press releases which were delivered to media outlets throughout the series, pitching Dr. Zoe for interviews, and reaching trade and consumer press. 

The Doctor Will Hear You Now Image

The Results


16.2K Total Listens, with an audience primarily aged between 35-59 (71%) and a majority of female listeners (88%).

The result was a compelling representation of perspectives and experiences. 

Our approach demonstrated an immense potential for partnerships with GALA PR and the podcast industry; providing engaging content, impressive stats and delivering a successful PR campaign, showcasing and highlighting the impact of this collaboration.

Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions and impactful collaborations in the future, or email us to chat about your podcast!