September 27th, 2023 | Alex

What is Event Branding?

If you want to be successful with your live event PR strategy, then you’ll also need to ensure that your event branding strategy is on point. 

Running live events can be complex and demanding.

Not only must you think about the day-to-day activities which consist of delivering the project on time.

You must also take into consideration how the event will be promoted and marketed.

This is where event branding plays a huge role. 

In this article we will discuss what event branding is, tips to help with a successful brand event, why it is important, and ideas you can use to help position, and brand your event effectively.

Event branding being implemented

What is Event Branding? 

Event branding is creating and promoting a unique and cohesive brand identity for a specific event. 

It encompasses various elements, including the event’s name, logo, colour scheme, typography, promotional materials, signage, and even the overall atmosphere and guest experience.

Effective event brand management aims to convey the event’s purpose, values, and personality.

Event branding can extend to both physical and virtual events, and its success often relies on careful planning, creative design, and a deep understanding of the target audience. 

When done well, event branding can significantly contribute to the success of an event.

Why is Branding Important for Live Events? 

It is evident that there is a huge demand for live events with no signs of slowing down. 

But just because there is a huge demand doesn’t mean that when you set up a live event there will be people queuing up to attend. 

The event needs to resonate with an audience.

The branding needs to also be in line with their values.

When branding is done correctly, it helps your live event stand out from competitors. There is a reason that major events such as Glastonbury attract people from all over the world.

Yes, they have some of the best performers in the world, but the Glastonbury brand is the reason these globally renowned artists are so keen to perform there. 

This is precisely why you should never underestimate the power of branding your business correctly

Tips for Branding an Event Successfully

There are many facets to creating a successful brand that people recognise and respect. With live event branding, this is no different.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when it comes to branding your event:

  • Always have your target audience in mind – Your event is for your audience so it must reflect what they want to see in an event. They are the ones who will be paying money to come to the event and take part. Don’t expect them to engage or attend an event that does not address their wants and needs. 
  • Keep it simple – Use simple branding principles to create an amazing brand presence in the minds of your customers. Brands that are too complex can confuse and irritate potential clients. In fact, 61% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it’s simple. Some of the biggest brands in the world use simple branding and it’s clear to see why. 
  • Be consistent – When your brand is consistent it establishes trust between you and your audience. You’ll also be able to build a strong brand identity because you will be seen as credible. A brand is consistent by maintaining consistent visuals, messaging and overall customer experience.
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Event Branding Ideas

Branding is unique to each event, but there are a few ideas that most events will use. 

That is because these ideas are tried and tested to attract the right attendees and make the event an overall success.

Let’s take a closer look at what these ideas are:


A website is essentially the digital home of your event. 

It will act as a source of information to keep your attendees updated and also a place where they can purchase tickets.

Branding your website correctly is a fantastic way to get your event’s tone of voice correct. 

Those who want to attend the event will likely read the majority of the content on the site so your tone must be in line with the rest of your brand identity.


How your brand is marketed can play a huge role in brand image and awareness. 

In event branding, it’s crucial to maintain consistent messaging and imagery across all channels. 

That ensures that your audience encounters a unified brand presence, increasing their chances to discover, register for, and spread the word about your event through various avenues.

You could have the best visuals and messaging in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it’s useless. 

Use different marketing methods such as influencer marketing to help elevate your brand and boost event engagement

Your website is also a great asset to use for attracting new customers to your event. If people want to search for nearby events, they will most likely use the internet to do so.

And with 28% of local searches culminating in a purchase, your website must be branded and marketed correctly.


As discussed, other aspects of your brand are hugely important, but design can play a significant role in an event’s branding.

The design elements, including the logo, colour palette, typography, and overall aesthetics, are the visual components that leave a lasting impression on attendees and potential participants. 

The design extends beyond the visual aspect.

It influences the event’s physical decor, signage, promotional materials, and even the digital experience, all of which contribute to a united and memorable event brand.


Giveaways may seem like an old form of branding, but there is a reason that it’s one of the oldest branding techniques in the book – it works!

According to the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), it is estimated that promotional products are the most effective form of advertising across all generations.

Events are the perfect setting for giveaways to take place, and there is an endless amount of giveaway ideas for these events.

Giving attendees something tangible to have when your event is over gives your event brand a chance to leave a bigger impact. 

It reinforces messaging and the event’s visual identity.

When done thoughtfully, giveaways not only delight attendees but also contribute significantly to the overall success and recognition of your event brand.

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Live Event PR Specialists

The branding of your live event will be a crucial element in its success.

Other than branding events properly, another key aspect to consider is how your live event is promoted.

That’s where we can help you. 

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